Repurposed home decor

We are Ian and Kim Grant. Owners. Pickers. Designers. Labourers and Sales Team at Timbers.

The story of Timbers began in the 80’s when we purchased a century home in need of a lot of TLC. As we worked through our home renovation, we searched for authentic materials to bring the home back to its former glory. In the process, we discovered that a lot of great architectural pieces were being thrown into landfills. While we could not use all of the items we found for the renovation of the house, we discovered that these items could be used to create beautiful home décor. As we worked with these pieces to accent our new home, others saw them and began asking us to design pieces for their homes too.

Thus, Timbers was born. Since those humble beginnings, we have moved twice, each time to larger properties, and expanded our product lines to include farm and industrial parts that would otherwise be headed for the landfill or metal scrapyard. Though our work is all-encompassing, spending even days off perusing flea markets and antique shops, we love what we do and can’t imagine doing anything else.