End of her Rope

Handmade accessories

I (Rachel Hughes) grew up in Toronto, Canada, where I was first exposed to the wonderful world of fibre art through the education I received at a Waldorf School. Since 2007 I have had the privilege of calling Salt Spring Island my home. These days, if I’m not hanging out with my three kids in the forest, or connecting with the many other fantastically talented artists in my community, then you will find me simply making things with my hands in my little studio by the sea! I hope you like what I make.

People often ask me where I came up with my business name. Well, I’m a mom of three-four if you count my business. Have I sometimes reached the end of my rope? You better believe I have! But guess what happened next? I tied a knot and started sewing with it! Yep, that’s right, it’s called “craft therapy” and that’s how it all began for me. Like most creations, the Twist headbands were born out of a slow design evolution. One thing leads into another, leads into another and next thing you know, there is a product that people can’t get enough of! Let’s hear it for the “craft fails”!