outpost general store

The Outpost General Store is a cottage supply store with a focus on unique, high quality and one-of-kind products. We support local makers with a focus on showcasing and protecting what we love most, the Island. Come in, relax and visit with our amazing staff. After all, it doesn’t get any better than living ‘on Island Time’!

The Outpost General Store is nestled in beautiful Little Current on Manitoulin Island. Our collection consists of, hand-picked goods and gifts, with an emphasis on local, handmade and one-of-a-kind products. Our products are inspired by your summer vacations on Manitoulin Island where your days are spent on the lake and the evenings are spent cozied up to a campfire with friends and family.



The Outpost General Store brings you the ultimate shopping experience. Love going to your local markets on a Saturday? Do you look forward to those semi-annual markets to browse the local, handmade vendors? Well, we are making it easier for you to shop local.

Unlike other retail boutiques, our shop will offer you the whole marketplace experience. Don’t worry about waiting for those semi-annual craft markets to get your hands on some amazing products.

Shop local and handmade every day!

We are proud to offer custom products that are created by artisans, families and other small businesses, just like ours. We support more than 30 Canadian artisans many of them local to Manitoulin by selling their goods in our shop.


Owners Kristen and Mike


kristin luoma and mike wilding, owners

Kristin and Mike opened their first business, Boarderline Boardshop back in 2010 in downtown Little Current (and by downtown, we mean the one street!) and have not looked back since. After years and years of visitors and residents looking for Manitoulin Island goods; something to remind them of home or their favourite place, we decided to open up the Outpost General Store.

In 2014, with a 1 year old baby, Mike and Kristin thought it would be a great idea to open up a unique retail shop that focused on the place we all love – Manitoulin Island. They worked with local designers to create custom logos that are found on our clothing items, sourced locally made goods and put some old fashioned elbow grease into renovating a 60 year old pharmacy into something completely different.

Kristin and Mike share a passion for all things unique, well-made, and local. They do retail the old-fashioned way, providing incredible customer service and ensuring everyone who walks through their door has a positive experience whether buying or not.

We’re a small business so it is important that we employ amazingly intelligent, multi-skilled people with a passion for providing our customers with the best possible customer service. All our staff are eager to tell you about the items and in our shop, and the makers that create the awesome pieces. Feel free to ask the staff lots of questions about the makers and the stories behind the items, or check out our ‘Makers’ section of the website.