Our collection consists of, hand-picked goods and gifts, with an emphasis on local, handmade and one-of-a-kind products. Our products are inspired by your summer vacations on Manitoulin Island where your days are spent on the lake and in the evening you’re cozied up to a campfire with friends and family.

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Sprouts and Roots

Handmade metal jewelry

Rose Kren and Thom Kren are metal working artists living in Grand Haven, Michigan. Among metalsmithing, Rose is also fluent in glass bead making, bead stitching, as well as drawing and painting.

From a young child she always showed interest in drawing and painting, and once High School came along it became a driving force, a passion. With her portfolio, she was offered a full scholarship to the Chicago Institute of the Arts but had to decline due to life circumstances.

In 2004, she became an employee at The Creative Fringe, a bead store in which she learned all of her beading, glass bead making, and metal working skills. After two years she became the Manager, writer and instructor of all classes.

In 2009, Rose opened a shop on Etsy called .sprouts. as a side hobby. She didn’t pursue it to it’s fullest extent to further her artwork until 2012. At this point, she had created a very successful shop with over 1000 sales and five stars worth of customer service repertoire.

In 2013, she quit managing the bead store and decided to become a full-time metalworking artist and is currently active in multiple brick and mortar shops as well as art galleries around the United States.

In 2014, Thom Kren quit his day job and became Rose’s full-time partner in jewelry!

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The Outpost General Store is a cottage supply store with a focus on unique, high quality and one-of-kind products. We support local makers with a focus on showcasing and protecting what we love most, the Island. Come in, relax and visit with our amazing staff. After all, it doesn't get any better than living 'on Island Time'!

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